Small step, Big Leap.

Every day we find at least one news on climate change and problems related to it. All we do is read, discuss and later on forget. So is it possible to stop environmental destruction on an individual level? If I am the only person going to change, will that help on the global level? These are the question I had asked myself before starting the blog. I have no degree in environmental sciences nor do I have any business related to sustainable products and neither do I work for any environmental protection organization. The answer came easily, that yes I can make a lot of change in this global catastrophe by spreading awareness. One can always blame others for all the bad activities but we cannot really blame others for environmental destruction as we are the great contributors to the mass destruction.

We are the consumers and travelers. We are the one for whom industries are cutting down trees to make space and wood, releasing carbon in the atmosphere for the production of various goods, killing animals for food and other products, manufacturing more vehicles to meet our demand and the worst of all, is the production of plastic for our use.

Unless we don’t stop at the individual level the industries and nations are not going to ban any of these.
So what can we do? we can start with simple things like:-
1. Always throw waste in a dustbin, so you know that it will be properly processed.

2. Use metal or glass vessels instead of the plastic container.

3. On every good occasion, you can plant one tree.

4. Use less paper whenever possible.

5. Do not throw old clothes in garbage, you can reuse them or donate them.

6. Avoid buying all unnecessary plastic items like showpieces or any decorative items.

7. Do not honk on the road.

8.ย Educate the people around you doing any of the above things.ย 

Are they not small and simple steps? we still fail to do it. We need to change our way of living a bit and one day it will make enough difference. It is well said by Gandhiji, “There’s enough in the world for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed”. Spend money wisely, buy only what’s needed, reduce your consumption and think about the environment before taking any step. So let us keep all the above points in mind and start the change by first changing ourselves.

Let’s take the pledge of Go.In.Green.

-Pooja Navale


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