Struggle with plastic: plastic free!! is that possible?

There is not just one but many problems that are constantly threatening the balance of environment leading to global climate change. One of the major problem is “PLASTIC” pollution. Plastic is like a indestructible monster with lots of evil effects, it will stay forever as its not biodegradable. Let’s not discuss all the science behind it being indestructible but let us talk about the ways to become plastic free.

Wait!! what!, plastic free?, is that even possible?.

Now that I have sat to discuss with you, let me tell you the list of plastic-ware we have.

1. Every electronic device has some part that is made out of plastic.
2. Switch boards.
3. Car and bike accessories.
4. Health care and skin care products packaging’s.
5. Medicine packets.
6. household cleaning equipment’s.
7. Bags.
8. Food package’s and containers.
9. Clothes with transparent straps.
10. Bottles, plates, glasses, shelves and stands etc.

The list will go on but I have listed only the one which we each individual use daily and I have divided them in broad groups. If you include all the industries and offices the list would be never ending. Even now somewhere people are introducing plastic in new ways.
Just imagine so much of plastic in one house then how much there would be on the entire planet?, more than the living creatures.
Now can you imagine becoming plastic free?, some of the listed things are really important. Like u cannot go to a medical shop and ask them to give medicine only if they are in glass bottle and even if glass bottle the caps will be of plastic. The second important thing would be your own cell phones.. will you stop using them because they have plastic used in it?.
Well the key to stop plastic pollution is not by becoming plastic free as that would be impossible, but by managing plastic. So for that, we should know some facts about plastic and accordingly try to make your life plastic free “as much as possible”.

1. Plastic can be recycled.
2. Not all plastic can be recycled.
3. Segregation of waste is one step that would get the plastic recycled.
4. When you throw the plastic litter anywhere instead of garbage bin, then that plastic will live in the grounds for 100’s of years, as the chances of it going for recycling would be low.
5. Plastic can be replaced by other materials like clothe, metal and glass.
6. Plastic that are disposable are more harmful as they create two times more waste than the plastic-ware that are reusable.
7. There are biodegradable plastic now in market.

Note:- In order to start with plastic free living one should not throw away all the plastic that they already have, instead use them till they wear-off.

I have taken the pledge of minimizing plastic from my life, would you do the same?. So be with me for more of my stories about dealing with plastic every day and pledge to Go.In.Green.

-Pooja Navale



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