Trees for all occasions.

We are the generation that celebrates everything, be it birthday’s, anniversary, exam results or break ups :p. No matter what news, sad one or happy , the reply from the friends will be the same – “when is the party ?”, “Common lets celebrate.” So here is my idea of celebrating every single occasion by planting a tree.


Just imagine how wonderful it would be to have a tree for every occasion!, it would not just be a way of contributing to nature but every time you see that tree you will have so many memories attached to it. Each one of us have different things to celebrate or remember like every festival, every success story, every kid born, every birthday, start of new business, new car, first date, your pet’s birthday and even someone’s death or death anniversary, the list would go on. This small initiative would only bring us close to nature.

I am celebrating my birthday this year by planting a tree and going to do the same for every occasion. What about you?, are you with me?. Let me make this easy by sharing some things which would make it easier for you to plant a tree.


Things I dealt with before planting a tree –

The major trouble was finding a place, if you live in a metro city then every place would be already occupied by parked cars, hawkers, shops and people. It is really important to find a good place as we don’t just want to plant a tree and leave it to die, so any place you visit often or a place where there is someone you know who would take care of it would be good. I chose one place inside my own compound wall. You can also plant a tree in any nearby temple or garden area. I think temples would be great as most of the time it will have  ample place around it and second there would be people working for the temple to take care of your tree. Parks would be great too if they are nearby and you often visit it so you can keep an eye on your tree.

The other important thing would be choosing a tree, it is important that the tree should have some benefits to the environment, like purification of air, shade giving, bear fruits so the birds can feed on them and has some good uses. The best tree would be Neem (Azardirachta indica) tree as it has all of these qualities except for one, that they don’t bear fruits, but as i already have one Neem tree planted a few years back i have decided to plant a different tree this time.
I studied a bit online from few blogs that it would always be good and safe to select trees which are native to your region or country, so that you don’t have to worry about its survival in changing climate. don’t go for fancy and too delicate trees as they might die soon without proper care.

I have chosen to plant Bael (Agele marmelos) as it is a native tree specie of Asia, easily available in any nursery, it grows into a big shade giving tree, bears fruits and thus attracts many birds and insects. Bael also has medicinal uses and the leaves of this tree are considered sacred, as they are often  offered to Lord Shiva.
When all this is done you are ready to go. The best season to plant a tree would be rainy season, but if you are ready to water them then you can plant them in any season. Once the tree is planted and it gets acclimatized to the soil conditions it would grow without much care. So I hope you guys are going to plant a tree for your special occasion, tell me your stories through email, i would be glad to know. Also tell us if you have any special tree that reminds you of any incident from your past.

Thank you all for reading this, even if i get one person planting a tree on their favorite occasion of memory then i would be so you people and join me by following as I will be uploading my photos of tree plantation on my birthday 8/8. Stay green by pledging to #goingreen.



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