Udaipur – The green city.

The reason I called Udaipur the green city instead of lake city is because the use of plastic bags are banned in Udaipur along with plastic cups and plates. This ban on plastic was declared in the month of September of the year 2014. I only came to know about this when I had visited Udaipur last year ( just like you all I love to travel). The places where I did some shopping gave me this beautiful handmade clothe bag after the purchase was made,



The clothe bag with beuatiful Tikli Work.

and it was then I noticed that even the vegetables vendors and other shopkeepers were giving clothe bag instead of plastic. The city is not just a great tourist spot but is also an example for all the mega cities to ban the plastic.


Fatheh Sagar Lake.

It is a pleasure to know that such steps can be taken to help protect the environment and it is our duty to appreciate, respect and encourage the authorities in Udaipur, so that this can be followed by other cities too. It would definitely be a challenge to implement this and one cannot expect 100% ban as there are going to be few people who will be against such decisions, but such bans can atlases reduce the plastic garbage so maybe in future we don’t have to spread awareness about plastic hazards to kids in school.

One advantage of such ban is that people will slowly inculcate the habit of not using plastic and this can lead to search of new alternative. The use of cloth bag is one of such alternative. We also do use clothe bag on daily basis in a various ways. But what if the vendors themselves gives us cloth bag instead of you carrying one? So no more reminding yourself of carrying your own bag or paying extra 5 rs for a plastic bag. The clothe bags which I saw in Udaipur were made of different clothe materials, the big shops will provide you a bit of fancy clothe bag and the local vendor will give u a really simple and low on coast cloth bag. This use of cloth bag on such great scale will give rise to a new manufacturing companies to makes clothe bags, and give local people employment and opportunity to start new business.

So are you travelling to Udaipur? or have you visited this place earlier?, take some time to spread this knowledge to others around you and appreciate this great step. As for now, we don’t live in place where plastic is banned and hence, need to carry our own clothe bags to the market so maybe someday this small steps will lead change in habits of people around us and we can live in a better tomorrow.

Here are few of my pictures from the Udaipur Journey.


The Udaipur Palace or also know as the City Palace.


Hotel in Β Lake Pichola.


Celebration mall – The place from where i got the beutiful clothe bag.

Please take the pledge of #goingreen and stay with me for more such stories from my perspective so we all can walk together towards a greener tomorrow. Also if you change your habits, your children will learn the same from you. I deeply know that we are going to have an amazing future generation who will learn from our mistake and be the better versions of us so help them by giving them the right knowledge about our beautiful planet.

– Pooja Navale



  1. amazing. That is such a surprise. It gives real hope to see a city set such a wonderful example of environmental consciousness and good governance. maybe after looking at such successful examples other cities will follow suit without delay.

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