Photographers, the best conservationist.

I remember my grandfather telling me that books and magazine were the only entertainment before television, and so library was one of his favorite place to visit. He had also told me that they use to have National geographic magazines in the library and it was one of the best magazine to read. so nature and all the aspects of nature were captured in this magazine by beautiful photography, it was a way to share with the people the beauty and amazing things that exist in nature. from this old period to the present world photographer have played a major role.
Just like the people in olden times we too get fascinated by photographs. Every one of likes to take and share pictures and so our social media pages are filed with that. each one of us has a photographer in us and each one of us is attracted towards beautiful photographs. Be it any social media, nothing operates without taking and sharing photos with the friends and the world. One thing is clear that photographs are important to catch anyone’s attention and what cannot be expressed in many words you can say it all in one picture perfect shot captured in the camera.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA. photography by- Mileesh

Myself being a nature lover and a traveler I prefer travel blogs and environmental blogs with good photographs and this made me think that all these professional photographers and amateur photographers like us can give good environmental message to everyone around us. If you are a photographer and specifically a nature photographer you can help raise awareness more than any person through social media. with every nature photograph you can tell people how beautiful a place is or how a beautiful place is destroyed by we humans and that it’s our responsibility to keep it clean and green.
once in a while we all like to be close to nature be it a walk in nature trails or big vacation to some resort which is in midst of nature. and we capture all this in our pictures so just imagine if there is no beauty around us left where will you go? so whenever you take a photograph just try conveying some message to save our beautiful planet . otherwise there will be no beauty left to capture.


Photography by – Rucha Navale

There are many examples of how people in past as well as in present are using photography as a means of connecting people to nature and helping us understand the problems our planet is suffering from. They narrow the gap between people and nature and help us understand things which we might NOT get to see with our own eyes, they tell us about the bitter reality of the suffering of nature by the hands of man. Here are few links that I found to be amazing and talks about how photographers are best conservationist.

Can photography save our planet?

Saving nature with photography.

How photography help environment ?

Seven conservation photographers saving the planet.

So I take this opportunity on WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY, to thank all the photographer who has done their share for conservation of nature through their photographs, and the one who will do the same in future after reading this.


Photography by – Himanshu Dudhankar

I am going to do my part, will you people too? Let me know in your comments. Also let us know if you are conserving nature with the help of your photographs.

– Pooja Navale



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