Indian Festivals has lost its original meaning and promotes pollution!!

This is definitely my personal view but I know many people will agree with this. India is country where people from different religion stay together, every state has a different language and they follow different culture and tradition, this has led to many festivals in India then in any other country in the world.ย  People from different religion will celebrate all the festivals and share their love with each other and promote unity. Festivals are important for they make us forget all the sorrows and let us celebrate the year old tradition of remembering God and preserve our culture. Festivals are to promote joy, love and increases the brotherhood in the society.

Now a days this original meaning of the festival is lost and we all celebrate festival, by causing more and more pollution.

– We buy unnecessary, decorative items which are more plastic, Styrofoam and just create more waste to be dumped.

-We waste lot of food.

-We light crackers that leads to noise and air pollution.

-We use lots of electric lights to decorate our surrounding that leads to waste of electric energy.

-We put up loud music system and all sorts of drums and banjo creating lot of noise pollution.

-We buy gifts for each other which are neither useful nor tells the importance of festival.

So if festivals is all about celebrating the good that God and our ancestors has taught us then why are we harming this beautiful world around us created by God, why are we killing animals in name of religion, why are we harming lives by creating pollution. I feel sad to see the way festivals are celebrated now a days. They have been promoted in a bad way by the big brand market just to make us buy more of their product which has got nothing to do with the concept of festivals. Festivals are more of show-off now, the one who has more money will celebrate it by spending a lot of it, to tell others that they are better than them.

For example, many people buy Ganesh Idols during Ganesh Utsav, where they spend a lot of money on big idols and decorations, although we all know that the size or the decoration of the idol has nothing to do with our faith in God.

Talking about pollution nobodyย is Holy. They who pollute sinned against Nature. – The Fresh quotes.

Also the political parties in different areas will put up their posters to wish everyone happiness, they will have a competition who will put more poster so they can promote themselves with their big face on it. They will set up bike rally’s, they will put up king size speakers to compete with other local political parties, the one with loudest speakers and band the more good. In each locality there will be a set up of Pandals and Huge Ganesh Idols which will be submerged in nearby water body or into the sea.

I don’t get this way of celebrating any holy or spiritual things. If you are a politician and want to promote yourself and have lot of money to spend on promotion, then why can you not give poor people free food during Ganesh Utsav, why can you not plant few trees with so much of money and why can you not promote good things?.

Many festivals in India are also celebrated as beginning of new year as per Hindu lunar calendar or beginning of new season, even then one has no rights to degrade nature, what we celebrate is celebration of our love for God, animals, occupation, environment and different aspects of environment and how can such a celebration include degradation and destruction of environment.


My question on swipe app. You can tell your views in the comment sections.

So next time you are celebrating any festival think about it, what are you promoting, LOVE or DESTRUCTION. Have a good life, be spiritual and help our environment.

Promise me to go Green every festival. Will be writing more on how to go eco-friendly during festivals. Till then please keep following.

-Pooja Navale


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