Omkar Jadhav-From Green Ganesh to Green Darshan.


The concept of Green Eco-Friendly Ganesha’s is being accepted by a growing number of people as various initiatives like Big Green Ganesha, Times Green Ganesha, Tree Ganesha are kicking off. Some initiatives which have started over a decade ago haven’t yet become a standard but the awareness has definitely grown.

Just like green Ganesha which can happen on an individual level (at our homes) as well as on a larger scale (our neighborhood, buildings, and societies), so can the darshan.

Introducing a classic green way to enjoy Ganesh Darshan this year and in the coming years.



As I already commute on the cycle everywhere in the city whenever I am traveling alone. I decided to visit few Ganpatis on my cycle on the second day – which is the last day of ‘One and a half day Ganpatis’.


Ganpati Darsha – Chirabazaar

I had still to visit around 5 friends and relatives who keep the Ganpati for one and a half days. Since the visarjan for these ganpatis begins early in the evening around 4 pm I began the Green Darshan by leaving my place at 12:30 pm.

I started off with the two Ganpatis in my area in the neighboring society, which were just few hundred meters away. Then I rode to the third Ganpati which was 1 km away from the first two. This took me under 10 minutes to reach there. Then I headed to the fourth Ganpati which was barely 2 km away located in Chira Bazaar.


At Marine Lines.

After that before visiting the final Ganpati, I rode to Marine Lines to meet the Chira Bazaar friend who wasn’t at home when I took his Ganpati’s darshan. He was on the train coming home from Andheri. As he gets off at Marine Lines I decided to meet him there before leaving for the final Ganesh Darshan which was in Worli around 8 km away. This I had to finish before 4 pm as that’s when the Visarjan begins. I did reach the final destination in time.


Met my old friend.

I covered around 18km on my bike till I reached home and visited 5 Ganpatis in total, all within time. The same number of Ganpatis I visited on the first day, but that was in my car as I had my family along.


So on a personal level, I would definitely opt for a cycle darshan especially when visiting bigger Ganpati’s of prominent areas where the crowd is large and the traffic proportionately heavier.

This would save a lot of time and space and of course cut down on pollution, if many adopt it. Plus it will definitely be an immersive experience, where you get to see the sparkling city up close and soak in the entire festive atmosphere more openly.

My Ganpati Darshan Day 2 ride as recorded on Strava App.

Ride link:

The entire journey took me around 1 hr 30 mins, excluding the time I spent at each one’s place for Darshan and chit-chat.

From #GreenGanesha to #GreenDarshan. Ride along and experience Ganesh Utsav this year differently.

– Omkar Jadhav, Search of Life


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