Are you Giving the right kind of Gift or just more trash??

collagea9The culture of gift giving has its roots long back in history, people have followed it ever since. Now is the golden era for gift shops, as we have so many festivals, occasions and Different days such as Mother’s day, teacher’s day, Valentine’s day and many more. Obviously the people who started these “important days” did not have the intention of making it a gift giving day but people now a days think that one cannot celebrate any occasions without giving gifts. Well there is nothing wrong with giving gifts but as we have changed our attitude we believe that gift giving is more of compulsion and a societal tradition. Also it has become a latest trend and we are so interested in judging people on the basis of gifts. For example couples that don’t shower each other with gifts don’t love each other. That’s funny right? Completely hilarious and people do this all the time. Even in wedding ceremonies people compare the gifts. One can be creative while buying a gift and not mainstream so one can buy more useful and long lasting gift.

Now this big system of giving gifts  is most profitable for the production companies all around the world and so they are the one who has increased the tradition even more by advertising it in a fashionable way. According to me gift should be anything that is given out of love and also something that is useful. Because we live in a society where gift giving is a trend and we many times buy gifts just because it is a compulsion or out of fear that other people might think bad about us if we don’t give them gifts. When we buy gifts out of compulsion we buy unnecessary things, as we don’t really care about what we are giving and we also see that the gift is pocket friendly.

We buy gifts which are not useful, like bouquet, photo frames, showcase items, plastic kitchen ware, plastic decorative items, soft toys, posters, greeting cards, chocolates (as they are packed in plastics), clothes and accessories of our choice that they might not like and the list would go on… these gifts are big waste and they end up in the dump. We end up giving more plastic as we pack the gifts and make it look more attractive. We are constantly adding more waste into the environment with the help of the big gift markets and shops.

So next time you have to choose a gift, think about the environment hazard it could cause. Also see to it that you are giving something really useful that will not end up in the corner of house and later into the dumping yard. Instead go for a very useful or long lasting gifts. Generating more waste than the capacity to recycle is a big environmental concern. It is good to live a sustainable life and reduce our needs. The gift industries produces a lot of trash as we now know and here are few things we can do to change it.

Things we can consider as best Eco-friendly gifts and also pocket friendly.

  1. Gift vouchers.
  2. Tickets for movies or any shows.
  3. Hotel reservation.
  4. Tour packages.
  5. Cash
  6. Online shopping vouchers.
  7. Insurance certificate.
  8. Flower plant instead of a flower bouquet.
  9. Homemade chocolates and sweets.

These are the best green gifts I could think of and one can be as creative as they want with these choices. So please be conscious about environment while buying gifts for your dear ones and see to it that you are not giving gifts at the cost of some creatures life.

Let us know, what will be your choice of gift the next time?

#gogreen with #greengifts.

– Pooja Navale



  1. Some great suggestions there Pooja. But this trend is so widespread and normal now, which I think is fine. And it won’t be changing anytime soon. So then the problem remains the widespread solutions (gift makers) which are accessible to us, which are themselves not environmentally friendly. For a regular gift buyer, the intention is simply to give something that looks good and something that is useful. Majority won’t even have the environmental worry on their list when buying a gift and behavior change isn’t going to happen quickly. Like I can imagine, when going to buy gifts for relatives or friends, my parents won’t be thinking about environmental impact and which materials should be avoided and how not to create more waste.

    So I think it has to happen on the side of the sellers and the government, where certain mechanism is put in place (like the charging more for plastic bags to curb their use) in order to reduce the consumption of waste generating products. That way irrespective of what we pick, irrespective of the awareness level of the consumer, the transaction won’t create more waste, at least not the waste which is harmful.

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    1. I do agree with this. But for the one who wants to do something good for environment this can be a good way of being sustainable. Thank you for your suggestion 🙂 , WE NEED TO START FROM SOME WHERE.


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