Srushti Dudhankar-And we say Global warming has nothing to do with us…

We never realize the impact of little things in the environment have on us. We have read about droughts and scanty rains in monsoon season many times. We don’t really suffer from this as we have big houses with air conditioner and proper inbuilt tanks for storage of water and we also get clean drinking water whenever we want.


By Mileesh

We are not farmers who are eagerly waiting for rains to quench the thirst of the lands. We are the ones who sat comfortably in evening in front of TV with a hot dinner plate in hand watching the news about meager rains and farmer suicides. None of us cared and none of us cares.Never did we think that it is a cycle which starts affecting everyone, if not immediately but soon enough.


By Mileesh

Now, why did I say scantier rains will have an impact on us (me and my family)? Let me tell you my story and how my family has been affected.
My father is a Valuer. He values properties for loans. Farmers are our main clients. They mainly keep their lands as a mortgage for loans at the start of the monsoon to buy seeds and fertilizers. All in the hope that it will rain normally this year and they will reap a profit. But this year the farmer’s didn’t approach the banks for loans, well they had given hopes. They were certain it will not rain. Never did we think that it will affect our income as well. 20% of clients approaching banks are farmers and us never before had noticed that it’s going to affect my family income.



Global warming has gripped everyone in its fists. The process is slow and it is going to have an impact on all of us. Had we foreseen that our lack of concern for the environment is going to have its impact on all, rich or poor we would have been more considerate of our mother nature.

-Srushti Dudhankar.


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