Are we serious about Pollution and Pollution Control Certificate (PUC) ?

I was thinking about this a few months back when I was hanging out with one of my friend and we had gone to take PUC. As I was new to this I did not know how actually they take the test and give the Certificate but soon enough I became aware or i would rather say surprised to know, that the PUC was given just like that without any testing, they did take the money though. It was really strange but soon enough my doubts were  put to rest by my friend when he told me that, ” this how you get PUC and there are no tests performed, at least I am not aware if there are any places where they do the tests for real”. So this was the incident which I later forgot and hardly did I care to do anything about it. Also I don’t own a car and my friend owns a CNG car so I ignored thinking that I am not doing much harm to the environment. But now after suggestion from the same friend I did some research online to find out how was the test performed, what are the limits for emission of gases and how much damage you must be causing by ignoring the PUC.

What is PUC and why we need to renew this?

Let me explain you this by sharing dome technical knowledge. First we need to know that the vehicle engine works when we burn the fuel we are using and this combustion releases residual gases and sound. The gases released after partial combustion (due to less oxygen) are mainly Carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbon and oxides of Nitrogen. These are harmful gases that causes air pollution. So to avoid the emission of these harmful gases the car has a part known as catalytic converter which converts these gases into carbon dioxide (which is less harmful than carbon monoxide), nitrogen and water. So the test for PUC determines the amount of carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons released from the vent of the car. Anything above the limit suggested by the government of India is damaging the air quality and atmosphere. For this we constantly need to check the proper functioning of our vehicle and the emission of harmful gases in the air.


How the vehicles without Proper PUC cause pollution?

When the vehicle is new all is fine but after the frequent use two things might happen, one is that the combustion might start releasing lot of gas due to declined efficiency of the vehicle and it will be over the capacity of catalytic conductor to convert the gas. Second would be that, your catalytic conductor is not working properly as it has finished the limit of usage. In the first case you are putting out more carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon and in second case you might also be releasing carbon monoxide as the catalytic converter is not working properly. So if you are not genuinely doing the PUC test than you are ignoring the above problems and hence, contributing to global air pollution.

How does air pollution affects us?

The gases released are harmful and can damage your immune system which will lead to many health disorders. Carbon monoxide has high affinity towards haemoglobin in our blood which means our body will prefer carbon monoxide over oxygen if it is given an option. Also when you breathe you take in air, use oxygen and release carbon dioxide but when there is more carbon in air you will inhale air which is high in carbon and less in oxygen which will again disturb the balance of levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen. So both of these gases are toxic to us and animals. These gases including hydrocarbons are also green houses gases leading to increase in the atmospheric temperature which is one of the cause of global warming and folks we know how in long-term global warming is going to disturb the life of our beautiful planet.

Now let’s solve some myths about PUC which are as follows:-

  1. One has to “buy” PUC and there is no actual test that is to be carried out.
  2. There is no place where they conduct tests to give you PUC.
  3. PUC is only to show to the traffic police and does not really help environment.
  4. CNG cars causes less pollution and it is okay to ignore PUC.

Let me clear the above myths one by one. There is real test that is needed to be performed in order to renovate your PUC and definitely there are places where you need to ask them to give you a valid certificate by making them do the necessary test and tell the real state of your car. And the very important point is that, PUC if taken seriously will definitely cause less harm to the environment that it is doing now. CNG cars also release green house gases in the environment which just few times less than petrol and diesel.


What can we do?

  1. Take a proper PUC by doing the tests and if you are exceeding the limit then please fix that problem by repairing your car.
  2. Tell others about this and spread awareness.
  3. Last but not the least “PLANT MORE TREES”, “PROTECT OUR FORESTS COVER”and encourage others to “GROW MORE TREES” as they are the best carbon sinks for all the pollution we are creating.

What are the limits for different vehicles? How is the test done and where? What will happen if you have a PUC but your vehicle is causing pollution? and which vehicles need to have PUC?

Please visit the following website to more:-

1. Law on pollution control.

2. Motor Vehicle Department, Maharashtra.

3.Delhi govt. Transport Department.

ITS HIGH TIME TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT PUC!! Lets take proper care of our planet by taking this small steps with me and pledge to go GREEN.

please tell us about your experience of PUC and help us spread awareness by sharing this with friends and family. I hope you liked the photos, as that is what we are trying to save for our future generation. Love you all and meet you soon next friday with one more way of going green.

-Pooja Navale.


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