Be a smart shopper.

I was cleaning my wardrobe yesterday, which gets messy in a day and the cleaning, stacking takes more than an hour. There were so many clothes, some of which I wore just once. This got me thinking about how we tend to buy unnecessary things and not just our clothes but most of the things that we buy end up in a corner which we never touch. If you sit down and think the necessary things will make up only a small part of our huge shopping list.

I don’t belong to a rich family, so the things added to the dump are little less but even then I do have many useless items at home. I can only imagine people having lots of money, they must be having an entire room or the entire house full of unnecessary items. And I am not talking only about clothes here, I am also talking about electronic devices and food items that we buy. I have seen people shopping in super market, they literally buy all the available things otherwise how can one explain why monthly shopping include buying bottles of coke and Pepsi, ready to cook food, chocolate boxes and etc. We need to ask ourselves, is there any need for so much of food items?, especially all junk food which does more harm than just satisfying our hunger.


Local junk food stalls…at least no plastic packaging.

So, rich or poor we all have habit of buying unwanted things and fill the empty space of our house. We also do the same thing with our planet. We have a limited space on earth and still we keep buying and dumping things, generating more waste which not just occupies our precious space but also harms our environment. Its well said then, that ” Good habits starts at Home”. Unless we don’t change our habit at personal level we will be unable to save our planet from drowning in garbage.


Things that tempt us.

We all have become greedy and our needs are no more needs but some social illusion that makes us “buy” things which are nothing more than waste. We have become “collectors” of things. People now a days don’t have just one pair of shoes but many, each one for different occasion and if that’s less, than we have 3 or 4 pairs of shoes just for one occasion, same goes for clothes and bags. This also happens with food, we buy all the ready to cook food for emergency or sometimes some special items for guest and end up eating it ourselves. All of this has now become a habit and so we don’t even think twice before buying.

If you are planning to live a sustainable lief (which is a need of the hour) you need to take care of the following things, as per my observation.

1.Make a list of things and revise it so you can figure out which things are unnecessary and which tops your priority.

2. Stick to your list strictly and don’t fall for your temptation.

3. Don’t let yourself to get influenced by the attractive advertisement about any product as they are the one responsible to tempt us to buy unnecessary things.

4. Don’t shop during sale because we tend to buy things other than our need list, just because they are available at cheaper price.

5. Go for quality, as the quality products are costly we buy less of it and use them very carefully which on the other hand does not happen with the things which are cheaply available.

6. Buy vegetables and fruits from local vendors as they will be fresh, without much packaging and they cost less.


Local Fruit Market.

7. Carry your own bag rather than paying money for plastic or paper bag.


hand-loom Market.

8. Check for the “recyclable” mark on the packed products you are buying.

9. Always go for re-usable items than buying disposable.

10. And finally think about your environment before shopping so as to make smart shopping a habit.



BUY LESS IN, ORDER TO DUMP LESS!, please take a pledge of going green with us.

-Pooja Navale


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