Wish you a very Green Diwali.

Hello, all, I had planned to write something else for this Friday but as I was sick from past two, three days, I have decided to write a small article and wish you all a very happy Diwali. I would like to share how I am going to celebrate Diwali this year.

I did not do any personal shopping this time as I have decided to reduce my needs and break this trend of buying new clothes for Diwali. There are many clothes that I have used only once or twice before which will be enough for this festival. If you buying new clothes then please go for cotton or jute clothes.


Simple clay Diyas.

I did not buy any new diyas as I already have the previous years. I had neatly cleaned and packed them last year so no need for buying new ones. If you people are planning to buy new diyas I would suggest go for clay ones and the one without any paint or decorative work on them so even if you dump them it would still be Eco-friendly. I would like to request you, that please don’t buy plastic diyas that work on battery as they don’t work for long and they will definitely end up as e-waste.


My paper Lanterns 🙂

Till last year we were hanging up plastic lantern but this year I am going for paper lantern, very simple and traditional. You can also go for clothe (they can be washed and used again) lantern and cane lanterns. Few more things I would suggest is sharing home-made traditional sweets with friends and family rather than the packaged and ready-made. Use Eco-friendly or natural Rangoli colors and light less diya’s as it’s not wise to waste so much of oil for lightning diya’s. In olden times there was no electricity but now we have so you can donate a bag of oil to poor rather than wasting it.

Go for minimal electric decoration for the house and use LED’S and CFL light bulbs.

And lastly, NO FIRE CRACKERS. This causes both air and noise pollution, the smoke is harmful and the noise disturbs all the animals. If you have a dog you will know this. It also disturbs the people in hospitals, the one who are suffering from any type of illness, small babies and elderly people. This will also reduce the accidents that takes place due to carelessness of people and children while lightning fire crackers.

So is it right to celebrate something by making so many people and animals unhappy? I would leave this to you to decide. But I can assure you that if you go green this Diwali you will be happy at heart as many souls will bless you and you will also save a lot of Money :p. So pledge to go green.

May you have a Very HAPPY, SAFE and  GREEN DIWALI.

– Pooja Navale



  1. This is where it gets me. To buy just cotton or jute is going to create a demand on those materials in such a way that it might affect the people who produce it, or the land that produces it. As the adage goes, too much of anything is bad. Why not have a healthy balance of natural and synthetic materials? Synthetic materials definitely need more research on it’s environmental aspects but it is not possible if we choose to cut its demand. That’s why in my latest article ‘mind the environmental gap’ I called for a understanding and empathetic perspective. It’s about Sustainability, and not just the environment. We have to factor in the economics of things.

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