Before the Flood.

I have never done a movie review before but I have decided to do so for this particular documentary because of it’s need of the hour. I am glad that this film was produced as it speaks about many things that we are supposed to know as global citizens.

Before the flood is a Documentary film which was released on 21st October 2016. It showcases major issues regarding global climate change.The Film starts with Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech on Climate change at United Nations. Throughout the movie, there were many interviews with important personalities including Barak Obama and Elon Musk. The film has shown various television clips from news channels on climate change. We get to see Leonardo’s visit to devastated places like Arctic circle, Oil mines, and sites where deforestation is taking place. The film has covered all important points on global climate change such the statistical data of increasing temperature, the impact of emission of carbon dioxide by combustion of fossil fuels, destruction of coral reef, extinct animals, deforestation for beef and palm oil production. The major focus, however, is on how world politics is leading us to our end as we the people are divided into two groups, one who think Climate change is a big lie and the other who think that we need to take action to stop this global catastrophe. The film also talks about the sustainable energy resources and its benefit, countries contributing to protection of the environment and the Paris agreement on climate change and its drawback.The movie ends with Leonardo’s visit to Vatican where he meets the pope and I was glad to see that even the pope believes in the science of Climate change and has made people aware of this fact.

Points to remember after watching the film.

  1. Climate change is real and its happening right now. The temperature is rising faster than the estimations done by the scientists.
  2. The ice caps are melting and the sea level has already begun to increase in various places around the world.
  3. The poor and vulnerable of the society are the one who are going to be affected first and the most by the climate change which will ultimately affect us.
  4. China and India being a developing country are investing more in sustainable energy than U.S.
  5. 50% of the Corals have vanished from our seas and oceans.
  6. By 2050 the human race is going to see the worst drought of all time if we continue to exploit our environment in the same way that we have been doing from past decades.
  7. We need to elect wisely. Electing people who deny that there is no such thing as climate change would be a blunder.

And the most important thing we need to remember is that ” it is time to take action right now”.

I hope you have watched the movie and if not please do. It is available for free on YouTube. I will be adding more such documentary, books and their reviews as it is our duty to promote the issue of climate change and lead people towards sustainable solutions.

Let us know in the comments if you know about such films and books. Also tell us if you liked this short review. Till then Pledge to Go.In.Green and have a nice day.


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