Climate change documentaries by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Last Friday I had done a review article on Before the flood and that made me search for more such climate change documentaries. I visited the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Website from where I came to know about few more documentaries made by this foundation. I am going to attach the links here for you people and soon enough i will be writing reviews on them too. Till then please watch the below documentaries and let me know if you know more of such films that talks about climate change and other environmental problems. Water planet and Global warming are short clips and the 11th hour, Cowpiracy are documentaries.

Water Planet

Global Warming


The 11th Hour (2007)


Cowpiracy (2015)


Before the Flood (2016) is no longer available for free on YouTube.

Also please visit the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation website to know about the various environmental projects carried out by them. Thank you for reading this. Love you all and wish you a happy weekend.

-Pooja Navale



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