Animated Movies with environmental message.

Animated movies are the best as they are not just good entertainment but they also try to give us good moral messages. Not only the young people but adults are also a fan of many animated movies, and yes, I am one of them. I watch all the animated movies in the theater without missing any. That’s the reason I have decided to put up this article about animated movies that are not only a good entertainment but also gives people the message of what harm we are doing to our environment, it’s consequence and how to combat it.

Wall-E, Dr. Seuss The Lorax, Rio 2, Happy Feet, Ferngully: the last rain-forest, Barbie: Thubelina and Bee are ย entirely based on the environment issues that we are actually dealing with and its entire story revolves around the topic. Like pollution and it’s hazard, shown in Wall-E , deforestation issue in The Lorax, Rio 2, Ferngully and Barbie: Thumbelina. Exploitation of animals and how they are important for our ecosystem is shown in Happy Feet and Bee.

On the other hand you have Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, A bug’s life, Toy story 3 and cars 2 whose stories are not based on the environmental issues but they have a certain small elements which makes them into this list, like in Cars 2 they tell us how solar and electric vehicles are better, Toy story 3 tells us that Reduce, Reuse and Recycle toys, ย In Bug’s Life they show how smallest of the insect is important for our ecosystem and Finding Dory and Nemo shows us about ocean pollution, how sewage is released in ocean and how bad it is for animals/fishes when they are held in captive especially focusing on water world parks where fishes are trained to do stunts and kept in pathetically small area.

So have you watched all of these 12 movies? let us know in the comments. Till then have a great day and pledge to Go Green with by Go.In.Green. Thank you for reading, meet you soon.












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