Reducing our needs.

Hello friends, writing after a break of few weeks. I was busy with my competitive exams. A lot of things are going on in my life right now and I just cannot wait to share it with all of you. I have taken up Inner Engineering Program offered by Isha Foundation. I would soon be sharing my experience of it, how it is not only for spiritual development of one self but it is something that will change you for the better. Today I will be talking about how one can reduce their need.

I always talk about things that one can do on individual level to help environment, as I totally believe that if any change  has to happen  in the outside world then it has to begins by changing ourselves. In my previous articles Plastic free and Smart shopper I talked about how buying only the necessary items can be a step towards sustainable living. I just want to highlight on how we can buy less when we just feel the need of buying everything that we are capable of. First we need to understand that this generation is the most comfortable generation. We have everything at our finger tips. I am not only talking about mobile phones and computers, this is the case with everything. For example if we want to eat we have it just in minutes all we have to do is call and place the order or go to the restaurant or buy ready to cook food. Another example is, if one wants to lose weight they will simply take some pills or powders or undergo surgery. If one needs to look good they will buy the products that will cover their face and body to make it look attractive. Human’s need for perfection is never-ending and in order to make things better or perfect we keep buying things which will make our life better and our body and face beautiful. But all these needs of perfection are external and no matter how hard you try to be satisfied you will never be. This is the reason we buy all types of things, all the time, necessary or unnecessary.

We need to change the way we think, instead of being stereotypical and doing things that everyone else is doing on this planet, how about once in while sit back and think before you buy? Try this yourself, just for example instead of buying ready to cook how about cooking a fresh meal? not always but as a small step you can do this for at least one meal or breakfast a day. Now this small step will reduce your plastic purchase (ready to cook food are packed in plastic), it will benefit your body as you’ll be eating less preservatives and artificial flavors, as well as fresh food is rich in nutrients. So this one thing has so many benefits not just for environment but for our body as well. Same can be done to our need of clothes and cosmetics, I am not asking to stop buying but reduce it. You don’t need make up and new brand clothes all the time if you want to look beautiful. You can wear them occasionally and this would reduce your need of buying them. instead of buying stuffing yourself with chips, chocolates and cold drinks go for home-made snacks. I can go on with the examples but I think i have made my point.

So the gist is be a little aware about things you buy and automatically you’ll see that actually there is no need of many things. Your shopping cart will not be a big basket of useless things but a small one full with really important things. I hope you will try this small step just like me or if you are already doing this then tell us your idea of reducing the needs in the comment section. Till then have a great and Green day. Thank you.

-Pooja Navale


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