Inner Engineering the need of the hour.

“You cannot transform the world without changing the individual. The world is a larger manifestation of who we are.”- Sadhguru on world Yoga day.

This blog is a personal space for me where I share all my experiences and ideas. Nothing will ever be written about if it has not been experienced by me. Inner Engineering is a 7 days program offered by Isha Foundation all over the world and I take this as an opportunity to share my experience of it. This is an environmental blog and hence I will only be talking about the benefits of Inner engineering in terms of sustainable development and why it is the need of the hour.

First of all, I would like to tell how I got introduced to it. I met a blogger who is as interested as I am in environmental welfare. While discussing an issue about the environment he asked me to take up this Inner Engineering program. Initially, I was very skeptic about Isha foundation and Sadhguru cause I have read many spiritual books (which I totally love) but never was I myself interested in taking this path. After a while when I finished doing all the background research about Isha foundation and their work I was totally going crazy and desperately wanted to take up the Inner engineering program. By then I had also started doing Isha Kriya (meditation) at home which was a very new kind of experience for me.

Now let me tell you what is this Inner Engineering program and how can it help us to become a sustainable human. Sustainable development simply means development without harming the nature or exploiting natural resources. The basic of this Inner Engineering is “Yoga” which itself means “Union” so it’s the union of oneself with the entire universe and as Sadhguru says…

“if you become one with everything around you then there will be no need for someone else, to tell you what harm you are not supposed to do to the environment”.


Yoga means you obliterate these individual boundaries not intellectually, by belief or by ideology, but as a living experience. If what people think of as “myself” goes well beyond the boundaries of their physical nature and becomes a living reality, then fulfilling these goals that the United Nations has for the world becomes much more possible. Right now, we are trying to push in one way, but a whole lot of people are pushing in the opposite direction because they don’t even see it as theirs.- Sadhguru at United Nations.

In today’s time, we all have become ignorant about things around us and hence we are causing all the destruction. If we are not causing destruction directly we are indirectly supporting it. So to become more aware of one’s consciousness one should do Yoga.

This was a life transforming experience for me and it’s not over, with each passing day the change continues to take place. You can take this experience if you wish to. It’s not necessary that you take the same program, any authentic Yoga teaching would do the same thing. You can select one for yourself, whichever is most suitable for you. I chose to take up Inner Engineering to transform myself to be a better human and not an ignorant monkey. We all need to use the full potential that a human has which is not possible unless we become a full-fledged human. We need to stop identifying our self with the things we have gathered and this is also the reason we keep buying more things and the greed for more never ends. We keep perfecting the outside world when on the inside we don’t try to change anything. This is the condition of consumerism and the reason that we are moving towards the destruction of the planet as well as ourselves.

” If there is no change in the way we perceive, experience, think, feel and act in this world, how can you change the world? ” – Sadhguru

Please check out the following link: – How can one achieve the goals of sustainable development through Yoga? Sadhguru at United Nations on International Yoga Day.

Isha foundation has also planted over 28 million saplings in Tamil Nadu through Project GreenHands and planning to do more.

Hope you would also inculcate some every day Yoga practice for inner well-being as well as for the well-being of the planet. Please share this if you liked reading it. Also, let me know your views in the comment section below or hit like. Thank you All for reading 🙂



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