Plasticware the favorite gift of choice by women during Haldi-Kumkum.

“Except for the small amounts that’s been incinerated — and its a very small amount — every bit of plastic that is ever made still exists”- Anonymous.

Haldi-Kumkum is an age-old tradition of celebrating the marriage-hood of a woman. It is celebrated in various parts of India during the festival season. The prominent one which most of the women celebrate is in the month of January. In Maharashtra on the day of Sankranti, the Haldi-Kumkum takes place and many women participate. Basically, it is a social gathering of married women where they give sweets, flowers, and gifts after inviting all the married ladies to their house.

Of course, this tradition has been modified over a period of time but I will be talking only about the recent trend. My mother attends various Haldi-Kumkum events at her friends and relatives house. It was then that I noticed that majority gifts she got home was plastic ware like a fruit basket and plastic containers. We all have some amount of plastic-ware in the house but these particular gifts are the major source of the plastic containers. It is not so that everyone gives plastic ware but a majority of them do.


The most common gift during Haldi-Kumkum.


Some of the gifts are quite good and useful and I appreciate that. But the plastic containers are total “NO”. First of all these plastic ware are not recyclable and hence cheaply available. People prefer to save money no doubt in that but this leads to the production of such plastic ware.One might be buying them all the time but at least one should take care that not to gift it as it would be a promotion of such items. Even the one who can afford to spend money on some good gifts would go for cheap plastic just cause everyone is doing the same.


The Plastic gifts that we got in the month of January.


The non-recyclable plastic is also poor in quality so you cannot use them forever. They break easily or become unusable after few months. Then there is no option other than dumping it garbage bins. Secondly Storing food items in plastic containers is not a good choice. The recent studies show that storing food and water in plastic may lead to mixing of some chemicals from the plastic into the food which is harmful to our body. So to all the ladies, it’s a request that they see to this and help reduce the plastic heap that we are drowning in. We may be sitting in a house full of comfort but there are lots of other people and animals dying due to the plastic pollution.

It is definitely a small step as there is so much more we need to do to reduce plastic but let us start now so that we can change this trend of plastic gifts and replace it with some good eco-friendly option. This would also be a good way of promoting sustainable living.It’s not that difficult, is it?

Please let us know by commenting and liking below. Also, you can share your ideas for gifts that are not harmful to the environment. Pledge to Go.In.Green with me.

– Pooja Navale.





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