Stay healthy by adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

“Going back to a simpler lifestyle is not a step backwards.”

– Yvon Chouinard. 

Hello friends, I am back with one more important aspect of living a sustainable lifestyle. First, let me tell you what does sustainable lifestyle means. Sustainability means using one’s resource in such a way that it should not deplete the earth’s resources or harm environment so that the future generation should not be affected. Now, when we say sustainable living, it means that we adopt a lifestyle where we try to save the resources and environment on an individual level. We in a way try to reduce our carbon footprints (the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organization, or community.) on this planet. When we talk about sustainable development it is the change that takes place in an organization, business or community level. But sustainable lifestyle means changing few habits on an individual level. This is not a trend or fashion to follow but it is something we need to do right now to protect our only planet.

To talk about statistics if we discuss all types of pollution it would take two or three more articles but let me talk about plastic as that is what today’s topic is about. the production of plastics has reached  311 million metric tons (343 million tons) in 2014 and is continuing to increase worldwide. one person generates 0.34kg waste every day in India, of which three percent is plastic waste . Out of this most of the plastic end up in oceans and landfills as there is a lack of waste management hence, creating plastic pollution.


So where do you think all this goes from the shopping mart?

Plastic being cheaply available, light in weight and easy to use we all are using plastic every day. I am not going to talk about the fact that the plastic pollution causes health hazards to animals and us. I am here to talk about the plastic in which you store food and water is causing harm to your body right now. I want to talk about the plastic you buy. Every time you buy packaged food it only means you are eating processed, chemically preserved and full with artificial flavors food. Now, this is something we need to think about. Once you decide to go for a sustainable living you should stop buying food packed in plastic pouches or containers. This will automatically reduce your consumption of chemically processed food items making your lifestyle a bit healthier. Every time you are buying a plastic storage container or while buying packaged food think about the pollution you are creating. This will not only benefit the environment but also benefit your health.


The amount of waste this plastic is going to produce.

 You should also reduce buying plastic bottles and containers to store your daily home made food.  Go for live and fresh food items. Even if you are organizing a party or get together go for healthier food options rather than chips and cold drinks. This will automatically reduce your consumption of chemically processed food and junk food thus, making your lifestyle healthier.

So every time you are buying plastic or food packed in plastic, think about the environmental hazard and your own health as well. Let us try to be responsible humans and improve our daily habits. Go Green and healthy by Pledging to Go.In.Green.

-Pooja Navale




  1. Good article, Well mentioned.
    People are in such a mode that they want a instant life of USE and THROW. They don’t bother about what reverse effect will be coming back to them and for the nxt generation due to it.

    Liked by 1 person

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