Why should I care for the Environment?

This is the most stupid question that an environmental blogger or a green warrior can come across. Personally, no one has ever said it on my face, but yes, I know it’s there on many people’s mind. So I thought why not write about it. Also, this was suggested to me by my friend. It’s funny how people can take Kareena Kapoor’s baby name so emotionally and make it a National issue but somehow they cannot understand how environmental issues are also our problem. How can someone just miss the fact that they too live on the same planet?

  • First and the most important thing to know is that we all humans, as well as other creatures including trees, live on the same planet called  “EARTH”.
  • The atmosphere (Envelope of gasses around the earth), lithosphere (Outer soil and the rocky layer of the earth), and hydrosphere (The water layer) together make this planet sustain life. If any damage happens to any of these layers we all will be affected.
  • And if you still think you own this planet and global warming can be tackled by turning on the air conditioner in your room then you should find a new house for yourself in outer space.

Every day millions of tons of garbage are dumped into the oceans. Millions of trees are been cut down. The land is been depleted of its mineral resources. More and more animals are being added to the list of endangered species. Birds and fishes are dying each day due to some or other kind of pollution. people are suffering from various diseases like cancer, asthma, and allergies due to air pollution, many people die at a young age due to the hazardous garbage they get exposed to and yet here we are thinking about, what to eat today for lunch? If this does not make you care for our environment then I doubt anything else can.

Well, I started this blog on a very positive note, thinking there must be many people who are willing to do many things to save the environment. Of course, there are many who are already doing a lot of great things to help the environment but only those few people are not enough.

Maybe sustainability and sustainable development are far away for us but our end is definitely near.

Are we waiting for the day to comes when we will see our loved ones dying and maybe then we will start to think, that I should have done something about it? There is no planet B, there are no highly evolved aliens that will come to recuse us. It’s we the “HUMANS” of this planet who are responsible for our own future.

The next question in your mind will be “what can we do?”

There are numerous things that we can do and one of the most important things to do right now is to teach our kids the importance of our environment. You can do this by setting a simple example for them. Like:

  1. Carry your own reusable bag.
  2. Don’t buy unnecessary things.
  3. Avoid plastic as much as possible especially the one-time use plastic spoons, straws, and bottles.
  4. Keep the surrounding clean by throwing litter only in the garbage bin.

Easy? You will need to take efforts may be initially but once you have changed your lifestyle then it will become a habit. It is my responsibility to give you more such sustainable options.

Walk with me towards achieving sustainable goals by taking small steps. Also Happy Mahashivratri to all.

-Pooja Navale


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