Seema Pardeshi Khandale-Care for the environment.

The aim of this blog is to raise awareness about the on going environmental issues and to give solutions on individuals levels. On this journey of achieving sustainable goals, I keep meeting various amazing people who are true eco-warriors. Today I am going to introduce you to one such eco-warrior named Seema Pardeshi Khandale who is a social worker and the founder of  ASHAY SOCIAL GROUP (NGO- registered in 2015). Seema Pardeshi khandale started working towards sustainable development by making cloth bags out of old used sarees and distributing them to the public for free. Another great work being done by her and ASHAY SOCIAL GROUP is the promotion of menstrual cups. The program named as RUTU is being carried out in association with a group of youngsters working in the field of sanitation called – PERIOD OF SHARING (community).


RUTU- A program by Ashay social group and Period of Sharing.


The menstrual cups are not only an environment-friendly option but also good choice to make when it comes to health and hygiene of the females. They educate women about the menstrual cups through organizing lectures in schools and colleges in the city as well as in rural areas.


Different types of Menstrual Cups.


I decided to solve a few doubts which I have and you have about the menstrual cups by asking few questions to Seema.

  • Why are regular sanitary napkins bad?

Seema – Sanitary napkins are basically made up of plastic, dioxins, synthetic fibers and other petrochemical additives. This restricts the free flow of air and can trap heat and moisture promoting bacterial growth in the vaginal areas.

  • Why menstrual cups are a good choice?

Seema – Menstrual cups are a healthy option for us as well as the environment as they are made up of  100% medical grade silicone. Silicone does not react chemically or releases any chemicals hence it is the best material to be used inside our body. Most of the body implants are made up of silicone as the research shows they are totally safe for us. They are reusable which also makes them environment-friendly. One menstrual cup can be used for 8-10 years.

  • Is it uncomfortable to use menstrual cups?

Seema – Using menstrual cup is very easy. It is a bell-shaped cup and very soft and flexible. It has to be inserted in the vaginal canal and there are various methods of doing that. One can choose the method which is comfortable for them. Once inserted the cup get properly adjusted according to the shape and collects the fluid. Depending upon the flow of it can be removed, drained and washed to be reused again.

  • Are there any side effects of the cups? Like irritation or pain?

Seema – There are no such side effects. In fact, we don’t even feel the wetness. It is also rash free. One can also go for swimming wearing it. It’s so comfortable that people forget that they are wearing it especially when the flow is less.

  • What if we forget to remove the cup?

Seema – The cup can remain there for 12 to 24 hrs also. It will not cause any harm.

  • Can the young girls who have just got their menarche use it?

Seema Pardeshi- Yes! In fact, they should be the first to try this as it will not disturb any of their regular routines which are hampered due to the discomforts during periods. It’s easy to clean and totally harmless. This is also a sustainable choice that the young generation should take into consideration.

  • How can we contribute to your work?

Seema –  The best you can do is switch to menstrual cups. We also take many lectures and seminars on this in various colleges sand different societies, you can join us as volunteers.


Seema Pardeshi- During a seminar on menstrual cups in college.


  • How do people react when you talk to them about feminine hygiene during periods and make them switch to cups? any funny moments?

Seema – In India the concept of a menstrual cup is new. We get many interesting reactions from people. Inserting cup into the vagina is beyond people’s imagination. More than funny it’s disturbing to know that many of the girls don’t even know the difference between urethra and vagina.

  • What are your goals through RUTU?

Seema – We plan to raise as much awareness as possible among people about menstrual cups and sustainable living.

We really want to do our share towards the environment by making less waste. 

You can contact Seema Pardeshi Khandale on WhatsApp:- 9930025807  for more information on the use of Menstrual cups.

-Pooja Navale



  1. Outstanding work in respect of environment. Best wishes for sustainable growth.
    All are requested to join the valuable initiative contribute as a individual. Regards

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