My zero waste period with Eco-Femme.

First of all, I cannot contain the happiness of successfully producing less trash. Since the day I started this blog the aim has been to reduce waste on an individual level. Eliminating plastic completely is a goal but apparently, I am struggling with that. The happiest moment for me is every time I get an opportunity to switch from non-sustainable to sustainable items which are not harmful to our environment. Using cloth pad over the regular disposable pads has made my periods waste free. Every time I use to look at the number of pads one requires and the amount of trash each woman generates I felt like a criminal. A few months back I Had no idea about such a great reusable option. Like you even I had my share of doubts about cloth pads but then I decided that the best way to solve doubts is by trying them myself. It is not easy to get rid of the habits that we have inculcated since a teenager but once you decide to go for trash free periods, clothes pads are the best. Here are few of my observations and experience using a cloth pad for the first time.


Eco Femme’s booklets that will solve all your doubts about cloth pads.


Why Eco Femme?

Traditionally if you see, cloth pads are not new. Most of the past generations have used them but they were made at home from the waste piece of clothing.  As we are so used to the pads with wings I decided to go for the ready-made cloth pads which are easily available online. I started to search and read about cloth pads and came across Eco-Femme. The first thing that I liked about them is that their work supports many women in rural areas throughout India. It is also a women-led enterprise which is another reason to support.

Your purchases and donations make washable cloth pads available to girls in need across India, while providing a dignified livelihood to rural women who stitch the pads. – Eco Femme

Secondly the range of cloth pads they offer. You can choose from day pads, night pads, foldable pads and panty liners. They are all washable and reusable cloth pads. One can choose according to the need. You can also a make a donation of pads which will be given to the females in the rural areas who deserve to have more hygienic and comfortable periods.



Is washing cloth pad messy?

It’s not at all messy. There is an easy way of doing it. All you have to do is soak your pads in regular water for near about 20 mins and then just scrub it off with soap and brush. It takes only 5 mins and it comes out clean as any other piece of cloth that you wear on your body.

We need to come out of the mediocre thinking that we might come in contact with the periods while washing it and it’s something dirty. Well, it’s not, Especially when it is coming out of your own body. We are the educated bunch of people and we need to understand that it’s just blood and female egg.



Do you need to change them regularly? Can I go to work wearing them?

The regular sanitary pads need to be changed after every 5 or 6 hours if you have regular flow.  If you have heavy flow then you must be changing it every 3 to 4 hours. So the same rule is applied to cloth pads. It’s a myth that cloth pads are needed to be changed often.

Yes, you can definitely go for work wearing them if you work for 5 to 6 hours. It is no trouble to walk around and doing regular work wearing cloth pads. In fact, in my experience they are more comfortable as the feel of cloth is so much better that of the disposable pads. If you work for more than 6 hours than it will be a problem to change as you cannot just throw them off in the dustbin. In this case, I would suggest using a night pad which will last longer. The other option would be a menstrual cup (This product is also available on Eco Femme’s site)

Do I need to change the cloth pad at night? will it leak as we change position while we sleep?

I brought two day pads and one night pad for my periods and the night pad worked so well. There was no need of changing them as they are bigger and have a shape that makes it leak proof. But again it also depends on your flow so you will have to check with that.

Aren’t the cloth pads costly?

At the first purchase, you might feel so but it is a long-term investment, unlike regular disposable pads the cloth pads can be used even for a year and more depending on how many times you are using them and how many you have brought. For example, if you have purchased two pads than the cost would be low but they’ll get reused more often and then it will get worn out soon. On the other hand, if you buy 5 to 6 Pads then they will list for a longer duration. If used them properly these cloth pads can last up to 3 years or more (it also depends upon the number of pads in a rotation as stated above).

IMG-20170210-WA0005 (1)

Time for Cloth pad revolution.

For more information on the product please check out The Eco Femme Org Blog.

You can make the purchase here The Eco Femme Shop. You can also buy them from Amazon but as the amazon packages are heavily wrapped in plastic, the Eco Femme package is more eco-friendly.


Eco-Femme’s green Packaging.


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Have more queries? Please post a comment.

-Pooja Navale










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