Plastic collection drive.

Do you know the story of Frankenstein? Victor Frankenstein is a young ambitious person who wants to create a human. His ambition leads him to the creation of a monster instead. He realizes his mistake and he abandons this monster. The only person the monster has a relation with is Victor and the monster keeps coming back to him.

There is a lot of similarity between the Frankenstein’s monster and plastic that we have created. Plastic is a monster created by us and now it is haunting us. We have realized the mistake but we don’t know what to do other than to ignore it, cursing it but continue using it.

Basically, there are three main things that we can do to deal with the plastic crisis –

  • Re-use – Recycling is one option that can reduce the generation of new plastic (recycled plastic is often used to make second-grade plastic items) and also it will control the plastic from ending up in natural terrains like forests and oceans.
  • Segregate – In India, we don’t have a proper waste management system yet and it is important to segregate waste. The plastic can be collected separately and you can give it to the nearby recycling facility.
  • Host Collection Drives – Organizing a plastic collection drive in your area can help in keeping your neighborhood clean. It also allows people to participate, take responsibility and the whole event helps spread the message further.

This Sunday we decided to adopt the third method by organizing a PCD (Plastic Collection Drive) in our area.

The aim of the drive was to collect the plastic from natural terrain and send it for recycling instead of letting it add to the towering dumping yards of the city. We conducted this event in the driving range area between the Kharghar hills and golf course, in Navi Mumbai. The hills here are accessible because of the tar road and people come for walks and picnics.

Recycling is not the whole solution but it is a big step towards curbing plastic waste.

The drive was conducted on 19th March 2017. We, an enthusiastic bunch of green warriors, started off at 7.30 am and the drive went on till 9.30am. Along with the regular single-use plastic there were plenty glass bottles (mainly beer bottles) scattered around, which we decided to pick up as well. Some other things we found lying around in the open terrain were items made from paper, cardboard, rubber, thermocol and tin. It was disheartening to see the amount of trash left behind and the beautiful place neglected by the very people spend time there enjoying and using the place. But the success of our drive did give us some hope.

There were 10 of us, we managed to collect 3 bags full of waste (not just plastic) during the 2 hours we spent there. The collected plastic was sent to a recycling plant.

We will be conducting more such programs, in new areas, reaching new people, building communities of green warriors and generating awareness amongst the people.  So stay tuned.


Green Warriors.

Be a Green Warrior by joining us in our work. And, thank you all who made this event a success. 🙂

-Pooja Navale


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