Planted several trees, taking care of more than 300 trees from 4 years- Salute to these Green Warriors.

Living in a small house in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India and spending most of the time searching for sustainable options as well as writing blog I tend to forget the world that exists beyond this. Even while walking on the streets I notice only the litter and how people are careless about it. I feel lonely and looking at the big mess our human society is I also feel like giving up. I get comments from people saying I am doing a good work, but they don’t try to change their habits. I don’t do this for appreciation or attention I do my work to show people that they as an individual have lots of power in their hands and can do a great many things to help the environment. And when you get out and meet people (Green Warriors) who are doing certain things for the environment then there is no better feeling than that.


The driving range- Road that connects to Kharghar Hills.


Here is the story of unsung heroes that I came across while on a walk at Kharghar Hills a day before my Plastic Collection drive. I went for the inspection of the Kharghar Hill area near driving range so I could plan about the plastic collection rally.  On the way I noticed lost of tree saplings, few were very young, few were a bit older and few quite old. These trees were not the random trees that grow there on the hills but were carefully chosen trees, like Neem (Azadirachta indica), vad (Banyan tree), Karanja also known as Pongame oil tree (Millettia pinnata) and pipal (Ficus religiosa). Few also had a fence around it. Then it occurred to me that someone must have planted them. There was not just 3 or 4 trees but many, I could see at least 30 trees in one area. While I was shocked and was staring at them I saw a senior person who must be in 60’s watering a tree with a can in his hand. I couldn’t resist asking him that what he was doing and who has planted so many trees that too in a hilly region. This is what I came to know.


View from the Kharghar Hill. This soon will become green because of the trees planetd on both the sides.


The person who was watering the tree is Mr. Veerkar who is a retired person and has been coming to water these trees on the hill from past 3 years, twice daily. He told me that a few years back there had been a tree plantation drive by some college students in that area and they planted several Jamun (Syzygium cumini) trees. Later Mr. Balaram Patil belonging to the village sarpanch family took the initiative of watering these trees because he saw that there was no use of just planting the trees, the small sapling would die without water and protection. He started watering them daily, but somehow couldn’t save all the trees, later many people saw his effort and joined in. They not only water the existing sapling but also have planted new saplings and started taking care of them by building a fence around them. Mr. Patil has been doing this work for past 4 years now and later as the number of trees increased he constructed a water tank in that area. Even now he pays for the water tanker to bring water on the hill and fill the water tank. They have a big group now but the regular members are Mr. Saatu Veerkar, Mr. Anil Sing, Mr. Shekhar Randiev, Mr. Dande and Mr. Patil. Except for Mr. Randiev, all are above the age of 6o and it’s an inspiration for many young people like me and it also makes me feel ashamed that we as youngsters are doing nothing compared to this.


Can you see the green plants? They are the planted sapling who have grown pretty well now.



Mr. Veerkar has also planted three trees [Vad, Pipal, and Umbar (Ficus racemosa) ] 3 years back in another area in Kharghar and now they have become big. Still, everyday from past 3 years he waters them and spends some time there.


Salute to these Green Warriors from Go.In.Green 

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I would like all the people from the nearby area to join them whenever possible and do your service towards mother nature. Till then pledge to Going Green 🙂 by following me.

-Pooja Navale




  1. Wow, this was lovely to read. What better moment to happen upon that man than when you were feeling frustrations yourself. This is a beautiful example of commitment to the stewardship of our planet. And connecting with similar minded people. My only question is why the trees need pesticides, but I live in a very different region in the world, so that might make that thought ignorant :S Great post!


    1. Hi Naine, actually they are not sprayed with pesticide they have only written it so that people should not take away the leaves of the tree. Especially the Neem leaves have many medicinal qualities and they are also sacred so people who come there for walk they pluck it. To protect small sapling from being plucked up humans this stategy is applied.


  2. Hi.. I am also the founder member of this grp. Now me with my two friends planted more than 50 trees near Big water tank at driving range. We are taking care of trees like our child. We are giving water regularly to them, soon they will completing their one year.

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