Conscious consumerism becomes easy with online stores like Golisoda!

We have to fight our own battle and people will join. This is coming true for me and I am sure it must have happened to many others just like me. This journey of being a minimalist started very casually but now I have realized that there are many people in this battlefield already, fighting to save the environment. Changing few habits looks like a very small thing to do for the environment but we all know the ripple effect, may the conscious consumerism spread everywhere. Now that I am settling into this I could see there are so many amazing people and businesses who are doing great work in the field of sustainability. We now have a wide range of products that are sustainable.

Adopting sustainable lifestyle need not mean doing more work or spending more money. Once you choose to be here you will see that it is less work and less money. All you have to do is use the brilliant “brains’ that we all have to reduce the needs, repurpose the things you would otherwise throw and whenever buying anything buy it consciously. Once you train your brain to do this, automatically the solutions will come to you. That’s the key to become a Zero waste(r) or minimalist and live a sustainable lifestyle.

Being an Indian this is not supposed to be a hard thing, we are born savers but the consumer market is flooding with a great many options and at cheaper prices, so we hardly care now.

We have to shift our “save money” behaviourial trait to “save the planet” trait and we will be best of the minimalist that any country can have.

Coming back to the point I would like to say is that in this battle of being an eco-conscious person how nice it would be to have options readily available for you to switch from being a monster consumer to a conscious consumer?

Here is the link to an amazing eco store with really cool up-cycled (reuse discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original) and sustainable goods for your everyday needs. Right from home accessories to clothing and all in between. Check out the Golisoda Store and let me know in the comments what would you like to get for yourself the most.

Things I got for myself are the beautifully painted “waste” glass bottle vase that would accompany my up-cycled glass bottle and a box of pencils made from the newspapers.


Golisoda’s upcycled beer bottle vase on the right accompanying my green up-cycled bottle vase.



The amazing pencils made from newspaper.

Apart from being sustainable what I liked the most about the pencil is the message that it is giving. Briliantly designed!


Eco-friendly packaging.

I may not be able to use the pencils always but at least when I am scribbling my own notes I can use a pencil and in this way, I reduce on the plastic pens.


The layers of newspapers after sharpening the pencil.

Some other things that I found really worth buying are the Seed Earrings, Organic and all natural Detergent & Gift wrapping papers.

-Pooja Navale


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