My weekend was all about cycling, periods and Shomota Cloth pads.

I got a new set of cloth pads from Shomota  and this is how was my experience was…

This is my 4th month of Zero Waste period and I have been using only cloth pads. I am really happy with this choice and it’s going great. But Before I begin I want to tell you that I already have one set of Cloth pads from the purchase that I had made earlier however, they are less than the required amount and hence, instead of buying the same one I decided to try a new brand this time.

Here is what I got from Shomota:

  1. Kamini Medium plus –  2
  2. Gada Medium – 1
  3. Poddo Heavy – 1
They are not leak proof which means they don’t have PUL (Polyurethane laminate It is a compound fabric made by laminating a cloth fabric to a thin-film of polyurethane) bottom cover, unlike my previous pads. You can go for PUL leak proof pads at Shomota store if you need but as I have tried PUL cloth pads I needed to go for the more sustainable option by going for all natural fabric.
The pads from Shomota come with a lot of different prints and color. What I loved is the design of the Poddo and Gada which has space to put the cloth inserts. It is easy to wash as you can open the entire cloth and change only the cloth instead of the entire pad. Also, if in the future the insertable cloth is required to be changed you can simply buy one new piece of cloth from shomota or you can make one at home and reuse it. No need of throwing the entire pad away.

Gada Medium Pad



I opted for Gada medium so that it could last longer and no need of immediate changing of cloth pad and guess what it really worked. On the very first day of my period (which a heavy flow day), I used the Gada medium for entire 7 hours without any leakage. Yes, it is a bit bulky if you compare it with the disposable pads or any other cloth pad brands in the market but it is still very comfortable and super soft.

On the Second day, I decided to go for Kamini medium plus and it too lasted for more than 5 hours and I realized that Kamini light would also have been sufficient for me.


Kamini Medium Pad


The night was tension free, all thanks to the Poddo Heavy pad. It lasted for more than 8 hours which I think is highly efficient. If your flow is medium or light you can choose for Podo medium as well for the night. I was just going for more safe and risk-free option and hence went for heavy but it’s really not required unless you have a really heavy flow.


Poddo Heavy Pad


On the weekends I usually go for cycling with my friends (from past 3 weeks) and  I was a bit afraid of the cloth pads as this time my periods chose to come on Friday. But I decided to clear the doubts myself by trying it. We cycled all the way 13 Kms on Saturday and 13 Kms again on Sunday. Here I am comfortable and stain free. What else you need?. I want to scream right now and tell how the cloth pads are comfortable and risk-free even while cycling (the flow is generally heavy if you do any physical activity). Not even for a minute did I feel anything different about cloth pads while cycling. So all the myths and doubt that cloth pads won’t work while heavy physical activity is busted.

One more thing worth mentioning would be that I use to avoid walking during periods as that used to give rashes due to the rubbing of wings in the thigh areas. Also, the generation of sweat because of non-breathable disposable pads use to make the situation worst. But in this hot and humid weather of Mumbai, I was able to cycle during my periods for 1 hour without stopping and heavily sweating with No signs of rashes. They absorb all the sweat and not leave us with any irritation. I just love cloth pads and you too will.

Also enjoyed a little bit of walk after cycling from Kharghar to the nursery in Belapur, C.B.D. You can see the cloudy weather which made us sweat like anything.

For Kamini Medium I would say all thumbs up as it can last up to 5 hours with the medium flow and the entire 8 hours with light flow.

Coming to the washing part, as usual, you gave to soak them for minimum 20 mins in room temperature water and just give a little washing later with a brush and cloth washing bar. They are really easy to clean especially the Poddo and Gada with the insertable design and it gets really clean with no stains. Even Kamini cloth pads come out very clean after washing with no stain. They also do not shrink or change any shape or get crumpled up but remains good as new.


The bottom of Shomota Cloth pads.


Overall I loved the Shomota pads for its size options, reusable design, and for the ease of cleaning. A good green choice for waste free and healthy periods.

For more on Green periods please check out my previous articles in the Green review section.

-Pooja Navale


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  1. Green periods = happy periods. I’m happy I switched to cloth last year. The brand I use is Lunapads. Have you had experience with a menstrual cup?


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