DRION Sanitary Pads – Biodegradable and completely organic.

Hi everyone, like me, there are many who believe in the mantra ” One step back is one step forward in minimalist culture. It is applied to the time when you decide to go back in time and search for options that would reduce the waste and help you live a sustainable lifestyle. For example, people use to grow their own food in earlier times and the same is now being repeated by the people belonging to the ever-growing community of minimalist or zero wasters. But here is a little twist, I am referring one step back for the failures I face while trying to live a sustainable lifestyle. Not just once in a while but many times this failure has occurred and yes, there are many reasons for it but I don’t want to give any excuse. This is one of such incident where I have to switch from cloth pads to bio-degradable, disposable.

previously I have written about my zero waste periods and how happy I was with the switch from regular pads to cloth pads which had got a very positive and wide response. But today I will talk about how I had to switch from cloth pads to BIODEGRADABLE pads. My current job schedule is very demanding and 14 hours out of 24 hours in a day I am occupied with work. I was hardly getting the time to come home and change the cloth pads. The one draws back with cloth pads is you cannot change it anytime anywhere as you cannot dispose of it. If you are a working for 7 to 8 hrs at a stretch in one day then it will be a big task. Only if your work place is near your house, maybe then you can come back home to change. One of my close friend, fellow blogger and a minimalist did suggest me to carry the cloth pad in a bag to home from work place which is something I will definitely try (Thank you NITHYA – Insta handle @greenerbytheday). But this article is for those who are looking for disposable for their own reasons.

Another problem with cloth pads I faced this monsoon is that in Mumbai where it rains almost every day it is difficult to dry cloth pads. I use cloth pads when I am at home and at night but sometimes have to take the help of iron to dry it properly.

Sometimes it’s better to contribute in small ways than completely ignoring the issue at hand.

I know you must be thinking why not a menstrual cup? To be honest the cups haven’t worked out for me yet for unknown reasons but I hope one day I will find a cup for myself which will suit my body type.

I couldn’t go back to the polyester disposable pads as they are a threat to the environment and have many negative effects on health hence, I decided to go for the biodegradable pads.




What are the few things you need to look for in biodegradable pads?

  1. All natural polymer, preferably organic
  2. Completely biodegradable including the glue used.
  3. Chemical free
  4. Plastic free packaging or minimal packaging.

Nowadays you might get pads which claim to be organic and degradable but very few are what they claim to be. Many times they have some amount of plastic as well as chemicals embedded in it.

My problem was immediately solved when I came across DRION PADS which not only satisfy the above points but is also designed to give the comfort of the regular non-degradable pads. It is based on the German technology of use of Negative ions which are proved to beneficial for health by the current research studies. So here is what I liked about them…

  1. Degradable and environment-friendly.
  2. They are made up of layers of non-allergenic organic cotton
  3. Disposable
  4.  The individual pads are packed in a re-sealable plastic free packs. Paper is used instead (non-recycled therefore no bleaching) of plastic.
  5. The glue is also made up of all natural and compostable material (food grade starch adhesive).
  6. 100% chemical free as they are free of dyes, artificial coloring, bleaching or chemical additives making them sensitive to your skin. These nasties include chemicals like artificial dyes, chlorine, dioxins, GMO’s, rayon, viscose, carbon disulfide, sulphuric acid, phthalates, pesticides and herbicides, odor neutralizers and synthetic adhesives.
  7. Negative ion technology which reduces the discomfort and pains during periods and promotes healthy living.
  8. Organic pine resin polymer is used for absorbing the odor which is again a added advantage.
  9. Even the release paper in which each pad is individually wrapped is biodegradable.
  10. The outer packaging is made from aluminum foil wrap which is recyclable and does not use any plastic which is also great for the environment.

They are shipped in bulk from Australia and you can buy them online from THE ECO TRUNK which is an online store that promotes sustainable living.



Night pads.


Ups and downs are part of life and we have to deal with it in best possible way. If you are truly passionate about being an environmentalist and a minimalist than you have to find the best way out.  For me, this opportunity was given by DRION PADS and THE ECO-TRUNK. I don’t think I could have switched to anything better than this. Also, I see to it that whenever I am at home and at night I will use a cloth pad.

Please leave your comments below to let me know what are your views on this or hit like if you agree.

Thank you.

– Pooja Navale



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