The Founder

Pooja Navale is the author behind this blog. She started the blog in 2016, in the month of July as a medium for expressing her love for nature and passion for doing something for the environment. This blog is a platform to raise awareness by educating the people about the individual impact on climate change and pollution. The blog is her personal space where the author shares her journey as she moves towards a sustainable lifestyle and encourages people to make a switch.

 Blogposts & Articles

The articles published on this blog are intended to inform people about what they can do on an individual level to stop environmental degradation and destruction. The articles include conversations with pioneering people who are working towards sustainable goals. The goal here is to promote everyone who is working towards a better tomorrow. If you are a big business, a small group or an individual building a green future, your stories will be shared here. In this way, we can grow together towards a sustainable future.

What can you do to help us?

Through this blog, we want to bring together people who are doing something for the environment and those who are willing to start. So if you have stories or ideas that can create an impact and inspire others then we would love to hear from you. If you are a startup, a non-profit, a business owner or are a budding entrepreneur who is into sustainable business then we would love to promote you. Contact us by filling this form.

Message to readers

Our work on this blog is greatly motivated by the readers, so feel free to share your thoughts and ideas, we would love to hear them and start up a conversation. Your support drives our efforts, so remember to give us some love by liking, commenting, sharing our posts. And if you love us like we love you, then Subscribe! We can bring the change in us and others, but it only works if we do it together, so pledge to go green with Go.In.Green by taking small steps towards sustainability.