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What people have to say about cloth pads…part #2


Go.In.Green in collaboration with SHOMOTA (online cloth pad store) had organized the “I LOVE CLOT PADS” contest. The best 10 answers have been selected to be published on the blog to raise awareness and that’s what today’s article is all about. The Idea behind the contest was to get to know the genuine opinion from the people about cloth pads so we can encourage others to make the sustainable switch.

So here are the remaining 7 answers out of top 10 answers that we received.

Please check the previous article to read the answers of top 3 contestants.

Question: Why do you believe cloth pads are better than regular disposable pads and what is your personal experience with cloth pads?


1. Tatiana Cortes:-

  • Cloth pads are very comfortable and because they are reusable, durable and organic, I don’t have any of the problems of regular panty liners such as uncomfortable itching, odor, and having them fall apart by the end of the day.
  • I was hesitant to use cloth pads at first, even though I was using a menstrual cup and wanted to reduce waste. I thought cloth pads would be bulky and annoying to wash, but they have exceeded my expectations! They are incredibly comfortable (can’t even tell they’re there), easy to take care of, and don’t produce any waste, which is a high value of mine.

2. Nithya T:- 

Where can I start?

  • Earth friendly 
  • Comfort 
  • Chemical free 
  • Zero waste 
  • Money saving 
  • Empowering 
  • Yet again, Earth-friendly.! 😉
  • The most comfortable and carefree period I’ve ever had. Wish I knew about these for the past 10 years.!

3. Apoorva Singh:- 

  • Simply because it’s eco-friendly. I haven’t ever used a cloth pad and I’ll be honest, I do have my inhibitions about it, but I’m also equally excited to use it!
  • I got to know about cloth pads very recently. The idea of disposable pads piling used to trouble me a lot but I had no idea that there was such an alternative available. I’ll be hella glad to try them out ^.^

4. Saujanya V:-

  • Cloth pads are comfortable and feel soft. I changed to cloth pads 2 months ago because I didn’t want to harm the environment(feeling guilty because I didn’t know about disposable pads for many years). But better late than never.😇
  • First I thought it’ll be a big task to wash and dry the pads. But after using it for two days I got used to it. Cloth pads feel comfy…no fuss..and happy that I’m doing something to save my earth.

5. Sailaxmi Jakka:- 

  • I have been using cloth pads for a year now and I am sure about them, that no chemicals are added as I have not got a rash yet.
  • And they are helping me reduce the amount of waste I generate.
  • They are eco-friendly.
  • Easy to clean and dry.  Seeing me line dry my cloth pads my neighbors have converted to cloth pads.
  • I am supporting women and empowering them by using cloth pads from shomota. 
  • Look and feel of cloth pads is awesome.I love cloth pads.
  • They are easy to maintain.
  • I feel so good about the fact that I am no more contributing to ugly landfill. THIS CLOTH PAD USA IS CONTAGIOUS, ALL MY NEIGHBORS WANT TO TRY THEM OUT.

6. Sadhana Sahu:- 

  • Reduction in waste generation and reduction in exposure of sanitary labor to soiled pads are my primary concerns.
  • Reduced exposure to chemicals present in pads and relief for women who get rashes from disposables are also big advantages.
  • Increased comfort with my own blood and the conversations with friends it has led me to are cherries on the cake
  • Cloth pads are great for everyone but we still need some which are as efficient as the high-end disposables. Some are good. I have various brands.
  • I prefer cup. I used cloth pads only for a few months after a yeast infection. My pads proved to be of great help during a desert camping trip when I couldn’t rely on my cup. I used cloth pads and stored them till I returned home. No problem at all. Currently, I use panty liners for back-up with the cup when needed.

7. Varsha Naik Pai:- 

Yes absolutely.

  • Cloth pads have no bad smells.
  • Periods don’t mean sweaty sticky lady bits anymore.
  • No rashes and altered gait due to them! Pretty designs make periods more fun.
  • My periods have become regular and happy since I’ve started using cloth pads.
  • The fact that I don’t add to the landfill and no sanitation worker handles my pads is the cherry on the cake!
  • In one word, fabulous.
  • They are soft and comfortable. No smells no rashes and gas free periods.
  • I was worried about using them at work, but it’s not a hassle in that department either. Washing is easy if you plan a little (and want to do it!)

-Pooja Navale