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B.Sc Microbiology [Mumbai university]. M.Sc Microbiology [Mumbai University].

Go.In.Green Is the blog that I have started after many failed attempts at blogging. The love for nature and a true passion for doing something at an individual level to stop the degradation of nature has led me to start my own blog [Go.In.Green], with the help of the people who are my motivation, one of them is Srushti. I aim to generate love and respect towards mother earth and help others like me to aim for a sustainable future.

One small step towards greener future..are you with me?


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I am a content manager by profession. My work starts with content writing and also enters the areas of editing and designing. But another role that I have undertaken, which I feel preceded in importance to my former role is that of living a conscious lifestyle. This is about making conscious choices and taking actions that have a positive impact. It started with a personal choice to live a green healthy lifestyle but as I continued taking steps further, I became a vegan activist and also a smart commuter (cyclist) after joining the cycling movement in the city. Simultaneously, I continued writing about the environment on my blog, supporting various causes and volunteering whenever I could. But when it came to writing I wasn’t as inspired. This changed when I stumbled across Go.In.Green. After reading a few of their posts I knew that with a passionate and dedicated team like this we could create something impactful. So within few days I pitched the idea of collaborating and creating environmental awareness to Pooja (Founder & Author of GoinGreen ) and she seemed to be as happy about it as me. So here I am now.

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B.E Civil [M.I.T, Pune]. MS [Professional Eng], Deakin University, Australia. Indian Green Building Council Accredited professional [IGBCAP].

Go.In.Green is a brain child of my one of the oldest friend Pooja. It is an outcome of a strong feeling to create environmental awareness. We the youth of India need to do our part towards mitigating the harmful environmental deterioration. It can be the smallest thing you do today, like, not using the plastic bag or switching off light bulb when not in use. We at Go.In.Green believe in “SMALL STEP, BIG LEAP”. So be a part of Go.In.Green where we are doing our bit of spreading awareness.

“There is enough for everyone’s need but, not for everyone’s greed” – M.K.Gandhi




B.E (Mechanical), nature photographer and Vlogger.

Born in Thalaserry, Kerela 25 years ago named as Mileesh at birth, I have always been passionate about nature and its beauty.Today I am best known as Nature Guy. I have my own YouTube channel named NaturegGuy, it’s all about adventure, exploration, nature photography, sports and a life full of inspiration.I cannot live on You Tube’s income so I have a job at Falcon Plast as a manager, it is my dad’s business. My current job allows me to do whatever I want with ample time in my hand to do what I was born for. My job as a manager is a story of luck. It’s the story of patience and universe conspiring a way out for me to live my life after completing my Mechanical Engineering in 2014 from Pillai’s College of Engineering, New Panvel. In my teenage years, I had promised myself to do something big and help save the environment.

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My wings are just getting bigger and I am going to push myself harder to great heights to do something for nature as I have promised to…